Brussels National Zaventem Airport


The airport of Brussels is located in Zaventem, in the northern outskirts of Brussels.

More than 140 airlines operate at the airport, which may also be reached from your departure.
For more information about flights you can join the airport of Brussels by phone at the following numbers:

Antwerp International Airport


Antwerp has its own airport. From the diamond center of the world you can book daily flights to London, Jersey, Liverpool, Farnborough, Manchester, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Bologna, Rome and Geneva.
Link to the website :

Charleroi Brussels South

Charleroi Brussels South has an ideal location, only 46 km from Brussels, the airport is easily accessible through the motorway.

It is operated by the Walloon Region.
The name "Brussels South" is purely for commercial reasons.
The location has nothing to do with Brussels. Charleroi itself is the main commercial and industrial center in the region of the province of Hainaut. From Brussels South Charleroi you can fly to no less than 18 destinations including 5 capitals. At Charleroi Brussels South you can find mainly low-cost airlines.

Link to the website :

Other Airports


» Eindhoven

» Maastricht

» Kortrijk

» Ostend

» Rotterdam