To countries where a Belgian id is enough. (Schengen-zone)

If children are travelling with their parents to countries where our Belgian Identity is enough, they have a completely separate ID-card  with photos! Until the age of 12, this is a two years valid identity card. Do not forget to renew them on time!

To countreis where an Internationaal Pasport of Travelling pas is required. (non Schengen-zone)
Belgium shall comply with the International European guidelines obliging that each child individually needs to be reached out an international passport. This means that "all children", including newborns and babies will need, even as they travel together with their parents, an international passport if necessary. Parents who renewed their international passport after September 1, 1999, or renew their old passport, can not enroll their children in their international passport anymore. They will be asked, when purchasing or renewing their international passport, to purchase for each child that will travel with them a private individual and personal passport. Children younger than 12 years receive a separate passport, that is either valid  1 or 2 years. At the age of 12 years, they will get a choice to get a passport valid for 1 or 5 years.

An id is not a pasport !
Beware of the still existing name confusion between the identity ("pass" or "passport") and international passport (better known as "passport") because it still causes some problems.

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